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  • We love how caring and gentle they are with our puppies!
    Our puppies have been visiting Mansfield Animal Clinic for years now! We love how caring and gentle they are with our puppies, especially since one of them is over 10 years old now.  They are careful in prescribing medications and don't over-medicate! Our puppies love them and look forward to their treat from the vet after their checkup! The facility is clean. Additionally, they always scan our pups to make sure their chip still works and they give a complimentary nail trim!

    - Traci U.

  • They're caring and helpful.
    They're caring and helpful. I have brought 3 pets to them, and they have been wonderful throughout every visit.

    - Molly P.

  • They demonstrated great care my little Yorkie.
    Reasonably priced, friendly staff, follow up after surgery, but mostly because they demonstrated great care my little Yorkie.

    - Randy D.

  • Dana is the best Vet I know.
    Dana is the best Vet I know. My dog was throwing up & wouldn't eat & she went well out of her way to help & do everything she could! She was also very loving & had a fun, caring energy with the dogs. Professional & service with personality, what more could you ask for in a vet? Highly recommend. Dana is a must.

    - Trulie M.

  • They are all extremely friendly.
    Excellent staff and aides. They are all extremely friendly. The vet communicated more options with me more than any previous vet I have dealt with at any other clinic. This was greatly appreciated.

    - Stan H.

  • Very classy.
    Sadly, the time came to send our pup to the dog park in the sky and Mansfield Animal Clinic was more than accommodating.

    They allowed us to choose the time to bring him in and when they brought us back to the exam room where they would do the euthanization, there was a nice soft mat laid out for him.   The nurse came in, explained what would happen and left it with us if we wanted to be present or not. The vet also gave him a sedative so he would be relaxed when the injection came. I couldn't watch and left the room. Too much love and history to see him go out like that.

    Everybody afterwards was very friendly, sincere and remorseful. They expressed sorrow for our loss and even sent a card a couple of days later. Very classy.

    - Ted W.