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Mansfield Digital Radiology

Seeing Inside Your Pet

Mansfield Animal Clinic uses digital radiological imaging to provide the highest quality, fastest results for your pet. We use X-ray imaging and ultrasound technology to see what’s going on inside your pet. A regular physical exam can only help us see so much, so if we suspect that your pet has some kind of internal injury, like a broken bone, or has swallowed something they shouldn’t have, we may order some kind of imaging to help us diagnose what’s ailing your pet.

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Digital Radiology

Our Mansfield veterinary professionals employ digital radiology to get the best images of your pet’s bones and organs. Digital radiology is the latest in radiological imaging and provides detailed images, fast.

Other benefits of digital radiology:

  • Reduced radiation exposure compared to analog technologies
  • Enhanced image quality
  • No need to wait for film to develop

Digital radiology enables us to get the highest quality images of your pet’s bones and organs, which means we’ll be able to spot what’s ailing your pet more easily. This means that we’ll be able to diagnose and then treat your pet more quickly than we may have been able to with traditional radiological imaging tools.

X-Rays & Ultrasounds

We use both X-rays and ultrasounds to see into your pet’s body, beyond your pet’s fur. We are able to see bones and organs, depending on which method we use to take images of your pet’s insides. We use X-rays to take images of your pet’s bones and other dense tissues, like tendons and muscles. Ultrasounds are used to take images of soft tissues, like organs and veins. We also use ultrasounds to detect and monitor pregnancy – just like humans! Both of these methods are completely painless and non-invasive. Our Mansfield veterinary team will make sure that your pet is calm and comfortable throughout the imaging process.

X-Ray Technology

X-rays use a low dose of radiation to take still pictures of your pet’s bone and muscle. Because X-rays take still images, we may have to lightly sedate your pet in order to keep them still enough for a clear image. We use X-rays to diagnose traumatic injuries, to find foreign objects, and to identify tumors, among other uses.

Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasounds use high frequency soundwaves to generate real-time images of your pet’s organs. Because ultrasounds produce real-time, moving images, we do not need to sedate your pet in order to get a clear image. Additionally, because ultrasounds do not use radiation, they are safe for use in monitoring fetal development.

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