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Preventative Care for Mansfield Pets

Preventing Disease for Happy, Healthy Pets

Mansfield Animal Clinic emphasizes preventative care fore your pets as one of the best things you can do for their overall quality of life. Preventative medicine is focused on preventing diseases and illness before they occur. This practice is based on the idea that it’s much easier to prevent a pet from falling ill than it is to try to cure a disease. Regular wellness exams and vaccinations are just two of the ways that you can keep your pet healthy for as long as possible. We want to enhance your pet’s quality of life and longevity and, through preventative medicine, we’re able to help your pet enjoy their time by your side for as long as possible.

Pets should see their veterinarian at least every six months. Call (817) 663-8101 to make an appointment today!

Care Tailored to Your Pet’s Needs

Preventing illness looks different for every pet. At Mansfield Animal Clinic, we understand that each pet has a different set of needs and risk factors. Our Mansfield veterinary team will take all of these factors into consideration before they develop a preventative care plan for your pet.

Factors that influence our preventative care plan recommendations:

  • Age
  • Breed
  • Behavior
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Weight

The above factors and several other pieces of information help our Mansfield veterinary team to more fully understand the health needs of your pet. Other factors, such as preexisting conditions or activity levels may also influence our recommendations for your pet. Not all pets need the same kinds of care; senior pets, for example, may need extra care for their joints or eyesight than younger pets, while kittens and puppies might need more vaccinations.

We will also discuss your pet’s medical history with you, especially if you’re transferring form another veterinary practice. We will order laboratory tests, like bloodwork or urinalysis, to get a picture of your pet’s overall health to complete the picture. By understanding all of these elements of your pet’s health, we’re better able to make recommendations that will keep your pets happy and health for a long time.

What is included in a preventative care plan?

  • Regularly scheduled wellness exams
  • Regular laboratory testing
  • Dental exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutrition planning or modification
  • Behavioral assistance
  • Parasite prevention

Care for your pet will vary depending on their needs, but there are a few basic commonalities between preventative care plans. The goal of all of the above services is to prevent disease before it happens. We may recommend other services in addition to those above depending on your pet’s needs.

Ultimately, the most important element of preventative care is regular visits to Mansfield Animal Clinic. If we keep an eye on your pet’s health with regularity, it helps us catch the development of illnesses or disease much faster than if we see your pet infrequently.

Call (817) 663-8101 or contact us online to book an wellness exam for your pet! Prevention is key to maintaining and improving your pet’s quality of life!


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  • They are all extremely friendly.

    “Excellent staff and aides. They are all extremely friendly. The vet communicated more options with me more than any previous vet I have dealt with at any other clinic. This was greatly appreciated.”

    - Stan H.
  • Dana is the best Vet I know.

    “Dana is the best Vet I know. My dog was throwing up & wouldn't eat & she went well out of her way to help & do everything she could! She was also very loving & had a fun, caring energy with the dogs. ...”

    - Trulie M.
  • They demonstrated great care my little Yorkie.

    “Reasonably priced, friendly staff, follow up after surgery, but mostly because they demonstrated great care my little Yorkie.”

    - Randy D.
  • They're caring and helpful.

    “They're caring and helpful. I have brought 3 pets to them, and they have been wonderful throughout every visit.”

    - Molly P.
  • We love how caring and gentle they are with our puppies!

    “Our puppies have been visiting Mansfield Animal Clinic for years now! We love how caring and gentle they are with our puppies, especially since one of them is over 10 years old now. They are careful ...”

    - Traci U.

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