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Comprehensive Surgical Care

The highly skilled veterinary team at Mansfield Animal Clinic is prepared to guide you and your pet through an array of surgical procedures, from routine procedures to more complex surgeries. We understand that surgery can be scary for both you and your pet, so our Mansfield veterinary team will be there to make sure you and your pet feel safe and comfortable. We’ll never recommend a surgical procedure that we think won’t benefit your pet. Our goal is to ensure your pet is receiving the best treatment suited to their needs.

Does your pet have an upcoming surgical procedure? Are you nervous or do you have questions? Call (817) 663-8101 or contact us online so we can put your mind at ease. Your pet’s health is our priority.

Surgical Services at Mansfield Animal Clinic

As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, Mansfield Animal Clinic boasts a state of the art surgical suite and highly trained veterinary professionals well versed in surgical care for your pets. We offer a variety of services for your pets to meet their health needs.

We offer the following surgical services:

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Dental cleaning
  • Wound repair
  • Mass removal

Aside from the routine surgeries listed above, we have the ability to perform other procedures as well. Our Mansfield veterinary team will advise you if we think a non-routine surgery is necessary for your pet.

Before your pet’s surgery, one of our veterinary surgery professionals will walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you might have. We want you to understand what we will be doing and how it will help your pet.

After your pet is out of surgery, we’ll update you on your pet’s condition. Before we send you home with your pet, we’ll give you detailed aftercare instructions so you can help your pet heal comfortable. Our veterinary team may prescribe medicine for your pet, which you can conveniently fill with our online pharmacy. We may also schedule a follow up appointment to check on your pet’s healing process.

Recovering from Surgery

To ensure that your pet recovers quickly and correctly following their surgical procedure, we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to care for your pet. We want to make your pet’s recovery as pain-free and quick as possible.

You can help your pet heal comfortably by:

  • Monitoring and moderating their activity level
  • Providing a comfortable space indoors for them to rest
  • Monitoring the wound and avoiding bathing
  • Administering medicine such as antibiotics as instructed

By following these tips, you’ll be providing your pet the ability to heal safely and quickly. If you notice that your pet’s surgical incision is swollen, red, or oozing discharge, call us immediately as this may be a sign of infection.

Call (817) 663-8101 if your pet has recently had surgery and you notice that your pet’s incision is infected, or if they’re experiencing other symptoms such as vomiting or loss of appetite. We’ll help you get your pet back on all fours quickly!


Pets & Their Families Come First
  • They are all extremely friendly.

    “Excellent staff and aides. They are all extremely friendly. The vet communicated more options with me more than any previous vet I have dealt with at any other clinic. This was greatly appreciated.”

    - Stan H.
  • Dana is the best Vet I know.

    “Dana is the best Vet I know. My dog was throwing up & wouldn't eat & she went well out of her way to help & do everything she could! She was also very loving & had a fun, caring energy with the dogs. ...”

    - Trulie M.
  • They demonstrated great care my little Yorkie.

    “Reasonably priced, friendly staff, follow up after surgery, but mostly because they demonstrated great care my little Yorkie.”

    - Randy D.
  • They're caring and helpful.

    “They're caring and helpful. I have brought 3 pets to them, and they have been wonderful throughout every visit.”

    - Molly P.
  • We love how caring and gentle they are with our puppies!

    “Our puppies have been visiting Mansfield Animal Clinic for years now! We love how caring and gentle they are with our puppies, especially since one of them is over 10 years old now. They are careful ...”

    - Traci U.

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  • We Treat Our Clients & Their Pets Like Family
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  • Serving 3 Generations of Families Since 1962
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